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I can’t honestly be the only one who gets really disappointed if their calendar picture for the month of their birthday is rubbish, right?

i have been waiting for this post my whole life

Dallas, TX 24.08






You know what? He’s right. Saying “I’m not gay” in response to people saying you are gay is 100% not homophobic. Saying “that picture isn’t me” is 100% not homophobic.

But do you know what is homophobic? Calling a picture of two gay men having sex a “weird photo”. That’s kind of homophobic, don’t you think? He wouldn’t call a picture of a man and a woman having sex a “weird photo”. He probably wouldn’t even call a picture of two women having sex a “weird photo”. But hey, it’s a bit weird that the guy looks exactly like him so maybe that’s what he meant by weird, right? I guess that’s okay-ish.

But do you wanna know what’s not okay? Do you want to know what is 100% homophobic? Saying he would rather release pornographic images of himself to his millions of followers than have them look at that “weird photo” and think it’s him, that he would ever do that. Because now with this second tweet it’s clear that he’s upset that the other person in the photo is a man.

That’s homophobic. It’s really fucking disgusting on a lot of levels, to be honest.

Here’s the thing, if everyone, in the entire world had access to photographs of someone that looked incredibly like you, and in those photographs “you” were having group sex, you wouldn’t describe that as “weird”? I would. I mean, I’m open sexually, so it isn’t an issue of what exactly is happening in the pictures, it’s the fact that the ENTIRE WORLD thinks they are looking at YOU having sex with 2 people.

That IS WEIRD. Weird means something “gives you a sense of disbelief” a synonym is “Uncanny”.  That scenario is pretty WEIRD, wouldn’t you think. 

He isn’t saying “ew, gross! I’d never do THAT!” He said he would rather tweet a full frontal of himself than have people look at that. You know what? Posting your own full frontal gives YOU control over what people are seeing. Liam has no control over what “Porn Liam” and his pals are doing. 

Homophobia refers to “unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.” 

So chill out okay?

One Direction performs onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Rose Bowl, Pasadena - 11/09

Can I point out how interesting it is that NOBODY saw Eleanor? Lottie, Gemma, and Lou were seen by all kinds of fans and stars and we got TONS of pictures of the three of them hanging out. But not a single notice of Eleanor supposedly being there until her Instagram picture?



maybe she arrived yesterday and was sadly way too tired to join the others. maybe it’s not her. maybe she was flown in there last minute cause people talked too much about her and Max. I have no idea. I’m just sick of it. I’m sick of Sundays. I’m sick of some stupid parade being orchestrated just to sell more albums. I’m sick of actual people with actual feelings being hurt because of homophobic assholes that are scared they won’t get enough money off them if they come out. I’m sick of it.